Yes, and Deep Sentinel always guarantees that we will report crimes faster to law enforcement, and that we can provide them the information required to enable them a faster and more appropriate response.

Police filter out most calls from other security providers, especially burglar alarm centers because they are simply false alarms. That said, law enforcement is designed to respond quickly and effectively when there is a verified crime in progress. Through Deep Sentinel’s state-of-the-art product and LiveSentinel service, we ensure that all of our emergency calls to Law Enforcement are, in fact, verified crimes in progress.

When our LiveSentinels call law enforcement, they are actually witnessing a person performing suspicious behavior such as attempting to break down a door, attempting to jimmy open a window, or damaging property. Furthermore, because the LiveSentinel service integrates with 2-way audio, LIveSentinel agents will attempt to deter the crime before contacting law enforcement--requesting on the resident’s behalf that the intruder STOP the criminal behavior or leave the property.

So by the time LiveSentinel contacts law enforcement, the call is clearly a verified crime--the suspect has been identified, they have acted suspiciously, their current location and behavior are confirmed, and importantly they have failed to STOP performing the criminal behavior. Because of this, almost every law enforcement agency can confirm that your home will get higher priority versus a home where a (likely false) alarm is sounding off. 

If you are interested to learn more about how we partner with law enforcement, you can take a peek at our Law Enforcement Support Page by clicking on this link: